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Better communication skills

Being respectful of others

Showing empathy

What you'll learn:

Resolving conflict within your family is a major step forward. I will help you push past your problems as a family and grow stronger and closer together. I also offer counseling for couples, parents, and individuals. Call today for an appointment.


Your family will begin to heal


I'll help you understand other family member's perspectives

Counseling for your family

Appropriate conflict resolution

Developing anger management skills

And so much more

Not every couple that goes to therapy does so for big horrible issues.  My wife and I go to fine tune our communication skills and learn how to stay on topic when we would have heated conversations.  You would think that talking and listening is as natural as drinking water, but when you’re in a conversation and start to take things personally you can lose your perspective.  Talking with Andrea brings those feelings out of the personal arena and places them in the open where they can be evaluated for what they really are.  Andrea has been, and continues to be, and incredible guide for us.  I am a person who used to dismiss therapy, however, her style of listening and approach to therapy is truly the only way that I am still going.  She allows for full and open conversations in a non-accusatory environment that fosters real and meaningful communication.  Andrea has talked with us mostly as a couple but there have been times when individual sessions for both of us has yielded great insight.  We would not recommend anyone else for "big" or "small" issues in any relationship or individual life.  Five stars!  


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